Introduction of Dr. Zhuo Jinsuo


1992: Advanced Chinese Medicine Course (Singapore Chinese Medical College)
1996: Obtained Bachelor of Chinese Medicine
2007: Obtained a master’s degree (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)


1996 to 2006: Ten years of service in a private Chinese medicine clinic
2007 to 2010: Self-operated Golden TCM Clinic (GOLDEN TCM)
2010 to present: Established TCM 24 on October 10

Indications: Arthralgia (pain) Internal medicine: Spleen and stomach, cough, gynecology, etc.

Medical experience (experience)

Since 1996, the clinics have been mainly focused on acupuncture and internal medicine. After years of experience, it was found that most of the patients were diagnose with Arthralgia : such as cases of neck and shoulder, arms, back, legs and other joints and muscle pain. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the cause of arthralgia is all the qi of six evils (wind, cold, hot, dampness, dryness, and heaty).

Blocked muscles and collaterals, muscle stiffness, visceral dysfunction, which causes poor circulation of Qi and blood in the body, stagnation of Qi and blood stasis which unable to nourish the skin, therefore resulting in pain. As the saying goes, “If it is blocked, it will be painful, but if it is normal, it will not hurt.” “The theory of Chinese medicine.
In addition to acupuncture and moxibustion, Gua Sha and cupping are usually used in the treatment of it. This kind of treatment is effective in clinical trials.

Since the inception of TCM24 (Golden Lock Chinese Medicine) in 2010, the three-in-one treatment (acupuncture, scraping, and cupping) has been my first choice in the treatment of arthralgia. After the three-in-one treatment, the following effects have been obtained:

  • Mild patients: After one treatment, there is improvement, and some patients even recovered from it.
  • Moderate patients: After two to seven times, improvement can be seen, and some patients even recovered.
  • Severe patients: After seven times a course of treatment, symptoms can be improved, and then continue the second course of treatment until healed.

After the cure, encourage the patient to keep doing some joint exercises to maintain the normal mobility of the body’s joint functions.

~ Dr. Zhuo Jinsuo

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